7 Adorable Facts about “The Boy and the Beast (2015)” Movie

This is the same person who made “Summer Wars”, “The Girl Who Leapt Through Time”, & “Wolf Children” all of which I absolutely LOVED!, I can’t even pick a favorite out of those 3. I can say this was my least favorite of all 4 of his movies, but thats not a bad thing. Its a great movie, I just found a little something more out of the others over this one. The story is about a 9yr old boy whos mother dies & is told he’ll be living with his relatives, because of this he runs away & ends up traveling accidentally into the spirits world(very similar to “Spirit Away”) & being taken in by one of the greatest warrior spirits to live there. The story is solid through & through, it’ll tug your heart a little & has some awesome action as well. The artwork & character designs are amazing, every single character even minor characters are so unique. The backgrounds are beautiful as well. The music is amazing, everything is spot on. This is one of the better anime movies, check it out especially if you were a fan of any of the titles listed above, I can almost guarantee you’ll really like this.4/5 Why? Really well done, solid story. Amazing artwork & animation. Perfect matching music. Solid movie, if your looking for a good anime movie that your going to enjoy check it out.

7 Reason to Watch “The Boy and the Beast (2015)” Movie

#1 Good Review

You need 1h 59min to watch The Boy and the Beast (2015). Wasting time? Absolutely not, because its rating is around 7.7 star from 8,995 movie freak.

#2 Supported by Great Actor and Actress

Actress Actor behind The Boy and the Beast (2015) Movie are Kumiko Asô, Bryn Apprill, and Morgan Berry. So if you are fans of them you should enjoy this movie.

#3 Good Work from Great Director

This movie director, Mamoru Hosoda, has done fantastic job in this movie. So if you are his fan do list this video on your bucket wish.

#4 Excellent Script by Good Writers

The movie script written by Writer:Mamoru Hosoda and Bryn Apprill. Both have creative imagination to get your attention, so watch it.

#5 Magnificent Genres

This movie is Animation Adventure Action Genres film which released in 2015.

# 6 Interesting Story

The latest feature film from award-winning Japanese director Mamoru Hosoda (Summer Wars, Wolf Children): When Kyuta, a young orphan living on the streets of Shibuya, stumbles into a fantastic world of beasts, he’s taken in by Kumatetsu, a gruff, rough-around-the-edges warrior beast who’s been searching for the perfect apprentice. Despite their constant bickering, Kyuta and Kumatetsu begin training together and slowly form a bond as surrogate father and son. But when a deep darkness threatens to throw the human and beast worlds into chaos, the strong bond between this unlikely family will be put to ultimate test-a final showdown that will only be won if the two can finally work together using all of their combined strength and courage.

#7 Many themes in one movie

These five themes are great interesting topics in the world, they are training, beast, orphan, orphan, human. And you meet all of them in one movie.

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