Seven Reason to Watch “Minions (2015)” Movie

This is not a complicated film. There is no sophisticated humour. Most of it is toddler level. The plot is summarized on the trailers. The minions are a tribe of yellow round things that want to assist villains in their villainy. They have been doing this since the dawn of time. Historically they have run in to difficulties in their quest to identify the perfect bad guy to serve. After repeated failures they withdrew to the arctic and attempted to entertain themselves, putting the concerns of other life forms to the side.The protagonists, Bob, Stuart and Kevin are three minions that decided to brave the unknown and seek out a new leader. They depart and arrive in New York, in 1968. Essentially, we then follow their adventures throughout the film. Wackiness ensues. The laws of physics are suspended. Gibberish is spoken to wondrous effect.You don’t have to be 2 years old to love this film. I personally love it, and I’m an adult without children. I don’t even really like children, but if I had a child I imagine they would like this film. The Minions have this magical quality that forces the rational mind to check out, like anything adorable. They’re mischievous, clumsy, and sweet – they want to do good, and this makes them endearing. Some have complained that this movie lacks substance. I would respond that you don’t need substance with a movie like this. It is gold, yellow gold.But, I am sorry for all the mass marketing.

7 Reason to Watch “Minions (2015)” Movie

#1 Good Review

You need 1h 31min to watch Minions (2015). Wasting time? Absolutely not, because its rating is around 6.4 star from 158,016 movie freak.

#2 Supported by Great Actor and Actress

Actress Actor behind Minions (2015) Movie are Jon Hamm, Sandra Bullock, and Michael Keaton. So if you are fans of them you should enjoy this movie.

#3 Good Work from Great Director

This movie director, Kyle Balda, has done fantastic job in this movie. So if you are his fan do list this video on your bucket wish.

#4 Excellent Script by Good Writers

The movie script written by Writer:Brian Lynch and Sandra Bullock. Both have creative imagination to get your attention, so watch it.

#5 Magnificent Genres

This movie is Animation Adventure Action Genres film which released in 2015.

# 6 Interesting Story

Ever since the dawn of time, the Minions have lived to serve the most despicable of masters. From T. rex to Napoleon, the easily distracted tribe has helped the biggest and the baddest of villains. Now, join protective leader Kevin, teenage rebel Stuart and lovable little Bob on a global road trip where they’ll earn a shot to work for a new boss-the world’s first female super-villain-and try to save all of Minionkind…from annihilation.

#7 Many themes in one movie

These five themes are great interesting topics in the world, they are villain, minion, antarctica, antarctica, super villain. And you meet all of them in one movie.

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