Seven Stunning Facts about “Max & Co (2007)” Movie

Even when “Max & Co” isn’t at the same level as other animated masterpieces made in stop-motion (Such as Chicken Run, Coraline, or the shorts of the Brothers Quay) it is still an enjoyable flick for the whole family, with excellent animation. Personally, I liked the stylish appearance of all the characters, and the high level of detail of all the scenes. The story was funny enough for me, despite the fact that (In my opinion) it doesn’t exploit all the potential of the plot: There are some elements of satire, ecology and hard family relationships, though all those themes are treated in a very light way, to the point of being almost completely forgettable. I also think that the development of the plot was way too rushed (Specially in the conclusion)with many interesting characters and situations that are not very well used. However, despite those flaws, I still enjoyed “Max & Co”. Even if it wasn’t anything memorable, the plot still managed keep my attention during the whole movie, and left me wanting to know more about the characters and their respective stories. A better, more satisfying ending would have been nice, too, but this little film is still worth-watching.

Seven Reason to Watch “Max & Co (2007)” Movie

#1 Great Review

You acquire 1h 16min to watch Max & Co (2007). Wasting your time? Off course not, because its rating is around 6.2 star from 241 movie freak.

#2 Supported by Great Actor and Actress

Actress Actor behind Max & Co (2007) Movie are Sanseverino, Lorànt Deutsch, and Virginie Efira. So if you are fans of them you should enjoy this movie.

#3 Good Work from Great Director

This movie director, Frédéric Guillaume, has done wonderful job in this video. So if you are his fan do list this video on your bucket wish.

#4 Excellent Script by Good Writers

The movie script written by Writers:Christine Dory and Emmanuel Salinger. Both have creative imagination to get your attention, so watch it.

#5 Magnificent Genres

This movie is Animation Drama Adventure Genres film which released in 2007.

# 6 Breathtaking Story

15-year-old Max is in search of his father, the famous troubadour Johnny Bigoude, who disappeared shortly after Max’s birth. He reaches Saint-Hilare where Madam Doudou, the old teacher, takes care of him and finds him a job as elevator musician in the fly swatter factory Bzzz & Co. But the factory doesn’t run well and half of the village gets fired. To boost the swatter sales, a dangerous scientist creates a mass production of flies. Soon, a thick cloud of insects attacks the village… With courage and determination, Max and his new friend Félicie will do their best to neutralize the insane projects of Bzzz&Co. Will they manage to convince the villagers to help them in this adventure? All together will they stop the scientist’s crazy handlings? And will Max find his father?

#7 Many themes in one movie

These five themes are great interesting topics in the world, they are ampersand in title, punctuation in title, , , character name in title. And you meet all of them in one movie.

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